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Career with Us

Most organizations offer you a career ladder. Ours is a little more advanced.

You’ve been working hard to get to where you are. You’ve been expanding your horizons, improving your potential, making decisions. You’ve shown dedication, tenacity, agility, speed of thought and action. Why stop now? Here you will start building your career. In fact in Gray Matters you’ll never stop building your career because it will be ingrained in your DNA. It’s a commitment we make to you.

If you are interested, call us …..we promise to provide you with an Great place to work ….where you will not only get paid "your due", but also …Get to initiate & Execute great things. A place where you can add …”Awesome entries”…to your…WOW Project Portfolio…and add Equity to the "Brand called YOU".


Do write to us at:contact@graymatters.co.in

Talent: You know it when you (Can’t) see it

Below is a list of intangible attributes that mark “talent” as, well, talent.

Displays Passion. There are enthusiasts … those who are visibly energetic and passionate about everything and there are those who are not. We need enthusiasts.

Inspires others. Inspirational ability is elusive. It’s tough to discover in an interview. Our best test…does this candidate inspire …the interviewer!

Enjoys pressure. People who have been tested in a cauldron of chaos …the last 2 minutes of a football game in front of 70000 people.

Craves action. There are two kind of people …those who talk about "vision & philosophy". And those who talk about grubby details of the stuff that they have gotten done….and the barriers they have smashed. We prefer the latter…the action fanatics.

Knows how to finish the job. People who get the 'last two percent' done. A lot of folks are great at the “first 98%” … but fail to tidy up. We need the one’s with the essence of passion for implementation with impact.

Thrives on WOW. Accomplishments that flew in the face of conventional wisdom. That took on the “bureaucracy”. Jobs that nobody else wanted that were turned into…Gems.

Exhibits curiosity. There are those who can’t …stop asking questions. And those who….Don’t ask questions. We vote for the former to be our teammate.

Embodies "weird". We desperately need an Eclectic / Weird / Peculiar Talent Pool. Not a bunch of clones.

Exudes a sense of fun. It’s people with a "twinkle" in their eyes. People who are performance fanatics - but are able to create a spirited environment.

Thinks at a high level. The challenging nature of todays environment does indeed require a decent degree of intelligence.

"Gets" Talent. Are you a Recruiter and Developer of people. Nothing is more important.