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Quality Service at affordable cost…

Our Value Proposition

Over the past decade, a significant corporate change has been in progress. This global revolution, the new economy, refers to the new world of business that emphasizes people who are committed to new ways of working, living and growing.

In the new economy, competition is global, capital is abundant, ideas are developed quickly and cheaply and people are willing to change jobs often. In this environment, people and their skills and ideas are the prime resource, a resource that is becoming increasingly scarce.

Gray Matters comprises of consultants who understand the challenges that businesses face in attracting, retaining and motivating people in this competitive environment. We work in partnership with our clients to deliver people solutions which would help accelerate growth for the organizations.

Our Distinctive Propositions for you:

You are not just another client to us

You will have specific requirements that will require a specific and unique solution. You will find that when you partner with Gray Matters it will be as though you are our only client. The level of service that you will receive will only be surpassed by the quality of the solutions that we deliver for you and your company.

The quality of our staff

Our highly skilled and experienced consultants will make the difference to your organization. Our consultants have the miles on the clock to provide proven, workable and effective solutions. We believe in investing heavily in our consultants skills and knowledge to ensure that you receive the very latest and up to date information and techniques for your Business solutions.

Custom made solutions

Your solution will be designed and shaped around your exact requirements and will be one that fits with your objectives, vision, values, culture and desired outcomes.

Value for money

When you partner with Gray Matters it is our sole mission to add value to your business way beyond that of what you were expecting. Working with you will be like a business relationship rather than a business transaction. We will provide advice, guidance and work that will make the difference. We are not into just taking your money for services rendered - we will go way beyond that and will become an extension to your business rather than an addition.

We Lead Potential to Results

We firmly believe that every human – and the systems they work in - have the "seeds" of achievement capacity, i.e. potential, within them. They just need the systems and processes that enable them to perform at their full potential and achieve their desired results. Therefore the focus of all our interventions and initiatives are to facilitate our clients to surface the potential within them and consequently the entities they work for, and translate this into action towards achieving their aspired results.

"Leading" implies that we position our capabilities and capacities such that, in the mind-space of the people, we become the "reference point" – i.e. whenever they think of "someone best in the field in facilitating result achievement" - they think of us.

We partner clients in designing and practising business solutions that facilitate to achieve desired results.

Consultants often earn the reputation of being "arm- chair practitioners" – just submitting fantastic recommendations without ensuring the practicality of application. We prove our difference from other consulting and advisory services companies – we do not just submit recommendations and reports, we "hand-hold" implementation of what we recommend. We take up assignments on "Diagnose – Design – Deliver" basis. We make things happen!

We enjoy what we do, rest are all details.

As Tom Sawyer had learnt the great law of human action…Work is something you are obliged to do and Play is something what you are not obliged to do. Our passion for our work drives us. For us work is a place of enjoyment and play - not drudgery. We believe that once someone enjoys doing something, he or she "wants" to do it, rather than "have" to do it – then everything else.... tasks, goals, deadlines – happen effortlessly, with individual commitment and collective collaboration.

Our Logo

The "G" symbolizes the human head – where gray matter i.e. the brain, perceives and drives all action. We believe Gray Matter matters the most. Knowledge is the leverage for achieving results.