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Content & Research Services

Content & Research Services comprises a range of practices used in an organisation to identify, create, represent, distribute and enable adoption of insights and experiences. Such insights and experiences comprise knowledge, either embodied in individuals or embedded in organisational processes or practice.

Gray Matters Content & Research Services efforts typically focus on organisational objectives such as improved performance, competitive advantage, innovation, the sharing of lessons learned, and continuous improvement of the organisation.

Gray Matters Content & Research Services efforts overlap with Organisational Learning, and may be distinguished from that by a greater focus on the management of knowledge as a strategic asset and a focus on encouraging the sharing of knowledge. We help organizations manage their knowledge resources through cost effective solutions. Our focus is mainly to avoid redundant work, to reduce training time for new employees, to retain intellectual capital in an organisation, and to adapt to changing environments and markets.

Over the years Gray Matters consultants have created content for various clients across multiple media platforms. From creating a 16-page bimonthly magazine for school-going teenagers to heading the content team for the Bengali version of the TV show Who Wants to be a Millionaire we have showcased our work backed up by innovative research techniques.

In the immediate past, our consultants have led the team from scratch to create the much acclaimed Penguin Yearbook, Penguin CNBC TV18 Business Yearbook, Penguin Business Travellers Guide to the World, Penguin Guide to States of India, Penguin India Fact File and many more.

Our expertise lies in developing content for reference books, newspapers, magazines, graphic novels, live quizzes, TV game shows and quizzes, ground events, school contact programmes, websites and mobile phones. We also take pride in delivering customised, designed content in multiple languages. We work with several experts from diverse fields to develop well researched content.

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Content & Design Management

NEED CONTENT? Let Gray Matters be your first stop for content creation services!

In addition to our vast selection of periodical and reference content, we can provide customized content solutions to meet the unique needs of your business: with over 20 years of editorial expertise in creating quality content by our consultants, Gray Matters can engage its editorial resources to develop a solution customized to your requirements. Gray Matters is a premier provider of custom content solutions for all your organization needs – Magazine, Company brochures, Newsletters, Mobile Marketing content, Knowledge game shows. For Educational Institutions – Brochures, Newsletters, Reference books such as Yearbooks, School magazine and many more are researched and created; in addition we also develop In House Brochures, Websites, Intranets and other collaterals. Gray Matters network of expert writers, editors and specialists is now available for your unique content creation needs.

Gray Matters can provide quick, comprehensive coverage in virtually any subject and for specific audience. From short to long and educational we build the just-right content tailored to your unique specifications. You tell us what you need; we handle the rest.

Let Gray Matters content development team, with the flexibility to manage projects from the large and complex to the small and simple, apply its expertise and experience to your situation. We’ll take the time to collaborate with you to understand your goals and create a unique solution to suit to your needs.

Branding & Communication

Idea Idea Idea... we design, manage and deliver knowledge events for corporations and educational institutions.

Your brand is your company’s power base. Let us handle your brand impression in the marketplace and inside the organization. Organizations today understand the importance of building strong brands. Strong brands deliver higher profits, create loyal and price inelastic customers, and build long-term value in the business.

What every manager in an organization should also realize is that each brand owned by the organization also has a unique opportunity to foster the corporate mission and tap the guiding vision of the organization. Brands that do not connect to or support the mission of the organization squander an opportunity to add value to the organization in a strategically significant way and loose the potential for employee engagement.

When employees personally identify with core brand values, they have a much easier time delivering on brand promises. Research suggests, employees who personally understand and identify with brand values have lower stress, get more satisfaction from their work, and even tend to earn more money over time. Encourage employees to live the brand. Encourage employees at all levels to contribute to and deliver the brand promise. These employees will soon become brand ambassadors and conduct themselves in a manner that is consistent with brand and corporate values.

Gray Content & Research services helps organizations and educational institutions in exploring new and creative ideas for their Branding and Communication needs. We help in idea generation for in-house employee engagement events or external marketing and branding events.

Gray Matters Content & Research team would help you in creating interesting and extremely innovative ideas for conferences, tradeshows, meetings and other interesting ideas specifically for your organization.

Case Studies

Our Content & Research team has over the past 2 years done a significant body of work in various fields ranging from Designing Custom Manuals to Conducting Quizzes all over India. The uniqueness of our offering would be evident from the type of assignments we have successfully completed under this banner. We believe branding is important for an organization and we are quite passionate about combining our knowledge of HR and Branding to bring you innovative solutions.

The Next Step

We design and also provide the entire content for this children's magazine for the whole year.

Catalyst Multiplex

We conceptualized and designed the entire event for the Assessment Centre at BOC called the Catalyst Multiplex

Catalyst Manual

We designed the entire Catalyst Manual including evaluation criteria for BOC


A 'Fun@Work' initiative for Magma Fincorp – An innovative Quiz show across 21 locations

Hundred Year Celebration

For Apeejay Group – A Quiz show across 4 locations

Ke Hobe Banglar Kotipati

We managed the entire quiz content for the Bengali KBC

Jawab Kinte Chai

We managed the entire quiz of this innovative quiz show on Sananda TV

Brand Badshaa

We created content for BPCL's 2010 online selection quiz and also for 7 regional quizzes

Kolkata Quiz Festival

We created and presented the General Quiz at the festival

Byscope Bajimaat

We conceptualised and created content for the celebrity quiz present by Ananda Bazar Patrika

Theme Based HR Manuals

We conceptualised and created content for the Training Manual, Performance management Manual, Employee Handbook and Recruitment Manual for VIP Industries Limited based on the 'Values' Theme.

Baby Shop Star Quiz Challenge 2012

A Quiz competition for School Children in the Middle East. We acted as the Research Advisor for the Quiz Show

CII People Quest 2011

A Quiz for Corporate Houses under the aegis of CII. We designed the content and conducted the program

Quiver for TIL

We developed and Conducted the in-house Quiz show for Tractors India

NUJS Open Quiz

We developed and conducted the quiz for the West Bengal National University for Juridical Sciences

Nostalgia Quiz

We developed and conducted the Heritage Quiz in Kolkata